Payment Policy

Payment Methods

A credit card will be required to be entered into your TransVirtual web portal before your account goes live. All major credit cards are accepted.


You will be charged per consignment transaction which gives you unlimited mobile device downloads and user licences. There will be a minimum charge per invoicing period to enforce 'fair use' as there are many tools that are included for free with your licence.


An invoice will be generated 14 days before your payment date and will be sent via email and will also be visible within your web portal. A email will be sent to your registered email address 24 hours before payment date as a reminder of the auto credit card payment. Following payment, a receipt will also be emailed and/or a email of any issues occurred during payment.


You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. All transactions before the cancellation date will be invoiced during the next invoice period and payment expected within 14 days of invoice. No additional charges will be applied from the cancellation date.

Rates and Charges

All prices are displayed on our website: and will be converted to your currency (if available). The default currency will be USD. Prices are subject to change, and we will give you a minimum of 30 days notice and again will be displayed on our website. If you require custom development, a quote we will be provided to you that will outline the works to be performed and the total price (based on a hourly development rate). A 50% deposit will be required for any custom development.